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09 juni 2016

Enthusiasm for 'Cash-register Monitor' in AlfaPro

The ‘Cash-register Monitor’ functionality developed last year by AlfaPro is enjoying increasing enthusiasm among the Cash & Carry businesses now using it. That’s hardly a surprise. After all, no matter how many customers your colleagues are dealing with at any one time (using hand-held terminals or tablets), you will always have complete transparency when it comes to info on individual customers. Simply create a new invoice at the cash-register and see at a glance which invoices are still outstanding. If necessary, have the order paid in cash and print the receipt. However, the system can also take care of invoices sent direct to the customer’s address, automatic deductions of the total amount, etc. 

‘Cash-register Monitor’ (likewise available with touchscreen controls) provides a lot more transparency and convenience than traditional systems working solely with hand-held terminals.

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