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14 november 2018

Emergency number now redundant; faster help in emergencies

Happily it doesn’t happen very often, but if you do get caught out with a hardware or software glitch, you’ll want help fast. To this end, ALFA PRO IT has a special emergency number which can be dialled 24/7. Many of our customers will have this programmed into their phone. Please note however: to give you an even faster and personalised service, that number will soon go out of use ... !

That sounds a little strange you might think, but it’s nevertheless true. From now on, all you need to do is dial our general number (+31 (0)71 402 11 91) at any time of the day. In the options menu you will be asked to send us an email, that is, if you’re able to wait until the following working day. If not, depending on the problem, you can decide between the ‘Hardware’ department (ALFA PRO Systems) and the ‘Software’ department (ALFA PRO IT) options. At that point you will be put through to the right person. Things couldn’t be easier!

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