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31 maart 2016

Celebration time at Nordflor Blumenhandel Barth GmbH

On 1 March, the corks were popping in Stralsund, northern Germany to signal the start of a partnership between Nordflor Blumenhandel Barth GmbH and AlfaPro at its 1,200 m2 cash & carry outlet specialising in plants, flowers and decorative items. It marks the first phase of a three-stage plan. In April, 4 of its trucks will be equipped with our flightcase systems and hand-held terminals and later this summer, AlfaPro will be implemented in Nordflor's 2,000 m2 cash & carry outlet in Rostock.

What's more, its administrative nerve-centre in Barth, where the company has a 30,000 m2 nursery, has already been logging in to the AlfaPro system for some time now to its complete satisfaction. Our colleagues Stefan van Kralingen and Gerald Ravensbergen heard about it and visited Nordflor with a typical Dutch offering.

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