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22 augustus 2017

Big savings for Cash & Carries with self-scanning App

In many supermarkets today it’s become the norm to buy your groceries using a hand-held scanner: you simply scan the products you put in the trolley and when you’re finished, you pay at the self-scan terminal, avoiding long queues at the check-out. The self-scan app AlfaPro is introducing a similar such system which can be used with the same kind of ease in cash & carry outlets. By reducing the need for sales assistants you can make major savings. When they enter the store, customers first scan their loyalty card. This not only allows them access to the store, but ensures the system is aware of the specific pricing arrangements you have with that customer. They will be able to see exactly what price they are paying for a product. When finished, he or she hands over the scanner to the assistant who checks the order and completes the sale. If required, customers can do all this themselves. Payment can be made on the spot or by direct debit. As far as the latter is concerned, it’s even possible to do away with sales staff completely…

Interested in how the self-scan app might benefit you? If so, just give us a call or send an email and we’ll give you the full details.

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