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26 september 2016

AlfaPro now also available as a subscription service

ALFA PRO IT follows the fashions and moves with the times. For instance, our software can now be used as part of a subscription package, the advantage of which is that no investment is required. This means you know exactly what your monthly costs are beforehand. What’s more, you can get on with your work without any worries - no long-term commitments are involved. 

We’ve put together a range of different packages (which, incidentally, are also available for normal purchase), so it won’t make any difference if you’re working on your own server or you’d prefer to work ‘in the cloud’. Why not ask for more details and enquire about out favourable hosting solutions?
Are you already an ALFA PRO IT customer? If so, we’d be only too pleased to tell you how changing to a subscription service might benefit you.

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