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29 juni 2017

AlfaPro Mobile offers additional option for on-the-road deliveries

Many on-the-road sales staff are already aware of the fact: thanks to AlfaPro Mobile, the final customer at the end of a day’s round no longer has to make do with the ‘leftovers’. Their mobile stock/webshop can be made visible online. As soon as the vehicle is on the road, customers can start picking exactly what they want.

AlfaPro now includes an extra option for those operating more than one vehicle. You can put together the stocks in your loaded trucks temporarily - in digital format. Customers are able to order from the complete stock right up to the moment you leave base. AlfaPro allows you to specify the time at which the trucks depart. At the appointed time, stocks that are being put together are automatically cancelled. The orders can be put into the appropriate trucks and the drivers know exactly what part of their goods on board have already been sold.
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