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16 maart 2016

ALFA PRO IT carries out Joors.nu automation

New online purchasing platform for fruit and vegetables

Joors.nu’ is the name of the new online purchasing platform for retailers of fruit, vegetables and potatoes. Joors.nu buys in its products directly from the grower or importer, which means there’s no longer any middleman: products are bought direct from source. So, it’s with some degree of pride we can tell the world that AlfaPro was responsible for all digital applications for Joors.nu, from suppliers’ platform to back-office, administration systems and webshop. 

It’s not the first time our services have been put to good use in the fruit & vegetable trade. In fact, our modular AlfaPro system is not only suitable for the flower trade, but for many other sectors with perishable goods. For example, in day-to-day situations where speed is of the essence and there is an absolute necessity for efficient stock management. 

Joors.nu, an initiative of fruit & vegetable wholesaler Janssen in Vollenhove, represents a breakthrough in transparency for the fruit & vegetable trade. Growers and importers can now post their products on the online trading platform themselves. Suppliers and other retailers are able to select products that fit their own particular line of business and anything they want which is sourced at the grower or importer. In this way Joors.nu allows traders to take maximum advantage of all parts of the supply chain. 

Immediately after its launch in January, Joors.nu was getting rave reviews. Many growers, importers and retailers are benefitting from the platform. The general response among users is that Joors.nu is a ‘fantastic webshop’. Its main assets appear to be its ease of use and the photo gallery, which allows buyers to assess the quality of the products almost at first hand.

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