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10 februari 2016

ALFA PRO IT automates Schnittblumenmarkt.de

Schnittblumenmarkt.de is the name of a brand new Cash & Carry in cut flowers and plants for the German market. The company has locations in Mönchengladbach (opened 25 January) and Osnabrück (opened 1 February). ALFA PRO IT was responsible for automating its systems. The project had to be completed in double-quick time. However, thanks to our tried and trusted standard software this didn’t prove to much of a challenge with installation and implementation being completed in next to no time. For both of its sites, Schnittblumenmarkt.de decided to purchase a single AlfaPro package, now working to the customer’s complete satisfaction. ALFA PRO IT will soon be also installing a webshop.

ALFA PRO IT’s Stefan van Kralingen congratulated the management of Schnittblumenmarkt.de and wished them every success with their new venture and use of AlfaPro. As a token of thanks to accompany his warm words, he presented them with a gift of several Dutch cheeses.

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