Power BI

Power BI gives more transparency to your data!

From fully manual systems and tried-and-trusted Excel spreadsheets, to the most advanced modern-day methods: there are many different ways to keep on top of your business operations. Nowadays, summaries, reports and analyses are absolutely essential to making quick and effective management decisions. But of course, what your really need is a system that is both easy-to-use and one that provides detailed reports!
As far as we’re concerned, Power BI from Microsoft provides all these benefits. It is a widely used tool which offers clear statistics, easy-to-understand graphs and handy diagrams, providing all kinds of vital information. It can be seamlessly linked with AlfaPro and what’s more, is extremely affordable: the standard programme can even be downloaded absolutely free-of-charge. 

Our added value
When it comes to installing Power BI, look no further than ALFA PRO IT. Together we can take a look at what reports you need for running your business effectively and how often you require detailed results and trends, if necessary on a customer-by-customer basis. We will ensure that it fits in seamlessly with your AlfaPro software. The result: optimum business intelligence which enables you to intervene more quickly and effectively in business processes, such as purchasing, sales, logistics and customer management. The ultimate goal: better statistics and improved results.

The benefits of Microsoft’s Power BI
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Real-time information
  • Can be linked to AlfaPro
  • Can also be linked to other sources
  • Clear-cut statistics
  • Detailed reports
  • Easy-to-understand graphs
  • Affordable

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