Retrieving EKT messages

Specifically for the horticultural sector, ALFA PRO IT is now providing internet services which provide a cheap and reliable alternative for sending and receiving electronic clock transactions (so-called EKTs) from auctions to traders and between traders.
Amongst other things, the EKT system consists of an electronic mailbox in which traders can receive messages from auctions. Agents and other intermediaries are responding to the need amongst customers for up-to-date information. At the moment, almost all of these are providing a means for sending 'clock transactions'. ALFA PRO IT is offering its own EKT system at a fixed rate of € 230. This doesn’t include the annual subscription you have to take out with the auction. The auction charges € 240 annually for the subscription and € 0.01 per transaction.

If you are you interested in what the product has to offer, we’ll be glad to advise.

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