Mobile system

A complete - wireless - mobile system has been developed specifically for on-the-road sales allowing you to print out delivery notes, (pro forma) invoices, route lists, etc.
This system consists of a compact ‘flightcase’ used in combination with a tablet or PDA and which also comes with a printer. Lightweight, low-maintenance, low energy, reliable, able to withstand cold and damp and - not least of all - highly affordable. The ‘high-speed’ printer that accompanies it has an extremely efficient paper feed. It can connect to a 12 volt system, but can be recharged at home. In combination with a Li-ion battery it is even able to print up to 600 pages without a single recharge. 
The tablet is an advanced online solution with information on your operational activities at your fingertips at all times. This means instant access to your sales processes and optimum coordination between on-the-road and online sales. The user can see actual stock levels and orders entered can be read immediately. The system works in the ‘cloud’. If you lose your internet signal - for example, in a remote spot - it's possible to continue working. The tables saves all the data. Once you get your connection again, you can process the data you entered as normal.
What’s more, the tablet can be used separately from the flightcase, for example, for sending bills and delivery notes by email.
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