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AlfaPro is an ALFA PRO IT product. The system is extremely reliable with nothing left to chance. In fact, if new regulations come into force or the needs of users change, we can make updates available almost immediately. In this way, AlfaPro is always up-to-date.
When it comes to exporters, distributors, cash & carry outlets, agents, importers, and suppliers to supermarkets and filling stations – just about any business involved in the flower trade - AlfaPro is the software par excellence. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a number of standard modules. This way, you only pay for what you need and your program stays practical and manageable at all times. But of course, you can put together the system that suits you best.
It’s an all-round solution that is extremely pragmatic and easy-to-use. What’s more, it’s available whenever and wherever you want: on your PC, as part of an office network, or on your hand-held terminal (PDA) which registers your sales to customers either in the showroom or on the road. Using the latest internet technology, it’s also possible to link up to several branches so that information can be exchanged straightaway, at the touch of a button.

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Mobile registration

ALFA PRO IT has established an excellent reputation in the horticultural trade when it comes  to on-the-road sales systems for distributors. AlfaPro offers unrivalled possibilities for mobile sales registration. Likewise for Cash & Carries and suppliers to florist counters in supermarkets and at filling stations. Mobile registration is much more than having a flightcase on board. With the aid of a hand-held terminal, stocktaking and input and output controls can also be carried out.
ALFA PRO IT also provides you with a mobile workstation with advanced possibilities which enable you, for example, to print off your you stock, price or distribution labels and do a stocktake. 

Management information

Access to good management information – even in small businesses – is crucial to survival. The standard functionality in AlfaPro can offer all of this, but we go one step further, broader and deeper when it comes to analysing your data. We do this with the aid of iDashboards. At the mere click of a button, you can access all the real-time information your need, wherever and whenever.

AlfaPro gives you optimum insight. The system is able to deal with anything involving numbers and amounts and can work with almost any popular accounting programmes in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany Belgium and France, such as Exact, King, Unit4, TwinField, Account View, Sage and Datev. Haven’t we mentioned yours? No problem, just ask for the options available. Of course, AlfaPro includes statistical links to the Dutch central office of statistics (CBS), as well as to VAT returns and ICS Listings.

Digital exchange of data is an essential part of doing business nowadays. The world of commerce would be unthinkable today without Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI. Whether it’s the familiar electronic clock transaction (EKT) message, the clock delivery message (KLB) or EDI invoicing for your customers, AlfaPro is able to handle it. To this end, AlfaPro can provide all the options and, if necessary, even customised services!

Stock management

Whether you choose to sell on the basis of batches or in individual items, AlfaPro is extremely versatile. Nevertheless, it’s vital to know the size of stock of an item or batches, especially if this is tied in with a real-time webshop. The advanced stocktaking methods in AlfaPro allow you to straighten out your stock quickly without disrupting the work process. This is where hand-held terminals or a mobile workstation can come in handy too.

Logistics and transport planning

The logistics functionality in AlfaPro means that everything on the workfloor works like clockwork. In managing your logistics, you can choose to use distribution labels, distribution notes or distribution lists. Location codes will enable you to streamline this process even more. If you’d like to control conveyor belts in the box or to get maximum insight into the volume of orders transported by your forwarders, it’s all possible with AlfaPro.

Sales and purchase administration

Commerce is all about buying and selling, so this is what AlfaPro zeros in on. The package provides a wide diversity of options from which you can choose. If you’d like to share stock items, process (telephone) orders, to enter orders on the basis of a price list, or to register your sales in your Cash & Carry or on the back of a truck, it’s all possible using AlfaPro.
Of course, you can expand your sales capacity with E-Commerce (realtime webshop) and virtual marketplace solutions (sharing your stock with your supplier or customer by means of A-Trade). Purchase and sale of consignment stock is also amongst the possibilities. In addition, AlfaPro pays a lot of attention to the administrative side of things. Delivery notes and invoices can be emailed or faxed trouble-free with AlfaPro, giving you optimum insight at all times.

E-commerce and virtual marketplace

A world without webshops and virtual marketplaces is unimaginable: the number of transactions keeps growing by the day. Once a customer has logged in to your system, you will want to keep them there as long as possible. AlfaPro has responded to this wish by creating sophisticated webshops and apps which offer a whole diversity of possibilities. Take, for example, real-time sales from stock, entering price-list orders (with or without product or batch photos), and additional concepts such as ‘one stop shops’ and ‘shop-in-shop’.
If you’d like to provide your customer with a complete package without stock risks, the virtual marketplace offered by AlfaPro is the solution. The system, based on Floricode E-Trade, makes it possible to exchange stock between different companies and to place real-time orders. The new Floricode standard, CC VMP 0.7 (Cross Community Virtual Marketplace version 0.7), is now being widely supported by software distributors and providers in the horticultural sector. This opens up new commercial horizons.

What do they think?

Cees van Egmond
Bloemenhandel C. van Egmond
Mobile wholesaler
"For years, we’ve been working with the ALFA PRO IT on-the-road system without any hitches. And in the unlikely event of a glitch, they are always on hand to help."
Gerco de Mooij
B. & G. de Mooij B.V.
"If you want to stay ahead, it’s not enough just to have a full range of quality products. AlfaPro gives us so much transparency, we can deliver a customised service to individual clients. This applies to their additional services as well!"

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Alfa Pro IT levert bij haar totaaloplossingen ook passende hardware. Dat doen we al dan niet in samenwerking met
gespecialiseerde partners. Bij hardware valt in dit geval te denken aan handterminals, koffers, scanners, pc’s, netwerken
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