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28 november 2019

With Extraflora your business operations attain maximum efficiency

Extraflora ( supports supermarkets with the sale of plants and flowers. The company supplies all the display material and the self-service shelves itself. The result is a fresh, colourful and attractive in-store ‘kiosk’, which means that supermarkets no longer have to do this for themselves. What’s more, sales figures for this segment are extremely encouraging.

AlfaPro and our new tablet-based solution play an important role in this logistical and organisational process. Affiliated supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany receive regular visits from Extraflora staff, who check plants and flowers, restock these with fresh produce and make price adjustments whenever necessary. All this information is registered in AlfaPro on their tablets. A supermarket representative then signs the delivery chits which can then be emailed directly. Invoicing takes place via AlfaPro.

Valuable information
If you register data on a twice-weekly basis, large amounts of valuable information can be collated. Extraflora uses this for a predictive model on which supermarkets can make order forecasts, which can be re-adjusted on an ongoing basis. In this way, forecasts become ever more accurate, enabling Extraflora to optimise efficiency in its business operations even more. In other words: profit maximisation at its very best.

Extraflora (which previously traded in the Netherlands under the name of Bloemplus B.V. and in Germany as Kahns Blumen & Pflanzenservice GmbH) forms part of the Floral Trade Group.

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