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17 april 2017

Viruses, spyware and ransomware


Everyone is familiar with the benefits of internet: it enables us to contact people across the globe, find information, download music games and videos, buy second-hand goods, chat, email, follow courses, find addresses, and much, much more.

But it is not without its risks ...

Using internet, there are always dangers lurking around the corner. Here are a few of the most common:
Viruses are programmes that are concealed in other files and/or programmes. Once they get into your computer or server, they can cause serious problems by damaging files.

Spyware is software which, unknown to the user, manages to install itself on your computer and/or server and tracks your internet behaviour. Spyware regularly captures information (automatically) and uses this to send spam or to sell personal data (e.g. about your identity, bank details etc.), or to misuse it in other ways.  This often manifests itself in the unprompted appearance of ‘pop-ups’ when you visit a website.

A new more malicious form of software is Ransomware. These are programmes that block a computer and/or server or encrypt the data. Digital extortioners then demand money to unblock the computer or to repair your files. But payments are not particularly helpful when you are dealing with hardened criminals! 

So inadequate protection of computers can be extremely dangerous. The advice of the police is therefore to protect yourself against viruses and ransomware by using antivirus software, installing updates and making regular back-ups.
ALFA PRO SYSTEMS can also give you advice. Together we can look at the kind of protection that suits your particular situation. We can also ease your worries by making back-ups of your software ourselves. Just call for an appointment so that you can talk to one of our specialists about the possibilities.

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