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21 mei 2015

‘Sold out’ a thing of the past

Many users of AlfaPro Online (our webshop) have already realised that they'll never have to turn their customers down again. 'Sold out' is no longer part of their vocabulary. Not only are they doing a big favour to customers, but to themselves as well...

How does it work? Well, it's quite simple really. With the aid of a VMP link, you can place your suppliers' stock alongside that of your own in the webshop. The customer doesn't notice a thing. As soon as stock levels for a product in question have dropped to your specified minimum, the system links the stock levels of your supplier to your webshop. If those stock levels, in turn, become too low, the stocks of the next supplier will be displayed, and so on. You can decide on the priority of suppliers yourself. Two things you can be sure of: 1. Your own stock gets sold first. And 2. You'll never have to tell your customers you've sold out.
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