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12 maart 2018

Regular archiving makes software quicker and more efficient

Fear of losing data unsubstantiated

As with all other software, a ‘cleaned-up’ AlfaPro works more efficiently. Not only is it easier to make a search, it’s quicker to draw up any reports and lists you need. Our tip: archive your data on a regular basis. You can do this by making use of the various ‘historical’ environments within AlfaPro. This can be done either automatically via the ‘Close Financial Year’ option, or manually the old-fashioned way. Above all though, you don’t need to be afraid of losing any data. By archiving, all you are doing is removing it to the background: it’s still possible to search and create reports from this archived data. 

If you use a period filter, you can review recent historical data more easily too. This enables you to view the exact period you were looking for. If, in the meantime, you want to switch to other data, you can change or temporarily switch off this period.
You can start the period filter yourself or have it configured by ALFA PRO IT. If you want to do the latter or you need help with archiving your data, send an email with your request to

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