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11 oktober 2017

Q Flowers also plumps for 'The mobile webshop'

Thanks to its ‘webshop-on-wheels’, Q Flowers is able to show customers exactly what plants and flowers it has on board its truck so that they can place on-the-spot and up-to-the-minute online orders. This UK supplier (owned by Bert de Mooij) registers all its on-the-road sales on its PDA, which has a direct connection to the business’ webshop. This means that the mobile webshop is always up-to-date. It’s a great new additional service, which means that customers at the end of the day’s round no longer have to make do with ‘leftovers’.
Not only did Bert de Mooij opt for a webshop, he also acquired the app, which his customers can download on a tablet or smartphone. It would seem customers are impressed by the new service. Whilst florists don’t always have a computer in their shop, they do carry a smartphone or tablet around with them. The app makes it possible for them to order products on board the truck in real-time, as it travels around.

Benefits for the customer and the supplier
Bert is enthusiastic about the product. ‘It’s now possible to run a professional webshop, easily and effectively,’ he explains. ‘It’s a unique selling point for an on-the-road supplier, because your supplies are by definition ‘on location’. Customers can place their orders and get same-day delivery, instead of having to wait for shipments from the Netherlands. For us, one of the advantages of this stock system is that you know exactly what’s left at the end of the day. And armed with this information, it’s easier to know what to buy in for the next day’s round and so eliminate waste!’.

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