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26 april 2016

New compact flightcase for 'mobile' tablet users

Some time ago, we announced that AlfaPro sales software (for both on-the-road sales and wholesale/cash & carry) was now available for use on a tablet. This modern, innovative tablet-based sales system comes complete with a flightcase and printer, at least for those who require this. As it is, the tablet can be used on its own, for example, for sending bills and delivery notes by email. 

The new flightcase is compact, lightweight, low-energy, reliable, able to withstand extreme weather and - perhaps not unimportantly - extremely affordable. The accompanying printer has a high-speed paper feed and is able to print up to 600 pages without any need to recharge its lithium-ion battery.    

The tablet delivers advanced online solutions, which allows you to stay on top of your business activities at all times. Not only does this give you a detailed insight into your sales processes but also provides seamless coordination between on-the-road and online sales. The user can see current stocks at a glance and orders entered are visible in an instant. It can also be used as a cloud-based system. Even if you lose your internet signal - for example, in a remote spot - it's possible to continue working. The tables saves all the data. Once you get your connection back, you can process the data you entered as normal.   

AlfaPro users will soon be able to put their tablet with flightcase to the test. As always, we'll keep you updated...
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