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19 oktober 2016

New application for AlfaPro Online

Together with Hoekhuis Bloemgroep based in Naaldwijk (NL), we recently developed an intriguing new use for AlfaPro Online, the system which was originally designed principally for the sale of flowers. However, Hoekhuis is now using the system for its Bloementaxi - or 'flower taxi' - which provides customised transport solutions, from grower to auction, but also within FloraHolland in Naaldwijk. Or, as Hoekhuis itself puts it: ‘If you want to get from A to B, you can take the bus. But if it's speed and certainty you want, call a taxi.’ Hoekhuis provides a logistically small-scale and flexible service for transporting flowers.


Customers and growers can now log in to a special 'flower taxi' webshop which goes by the name of Bloementaxi. Here they can pre-order the specific transport they require. After it's been submitted, AlfaPro will send confirmation of the order. The request will then be digitally processed and planned via a direct link with RitPlan, a tried and trusted system for journey planning. With the aid of Alfa Dashboards, Hoekhuis is able to monitor all shipments currently in progress. Afterwards, AlfaPro will ensure that each of these journeys is invoiced.

Proud and happy

It goes without saying that staff at ALFA PRO IT are extremely proud of the way in which their software has been adapted for this special new application. Hoekhuis too is happy: ‘AlfaPro were receptive to our need for developing this solution’, explains owner William Heijl. ‘We appreciate that, not least because it turns out it works beautifully in practice. And to think they are developing other additional tools for us now as well …’

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