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29 maart 2018

More convenience and efficiency thanks to finger scanning

The handy but highly robust finger scanner has been on the market for some time already now. In combination with the PM80 (PDA tablet), it is the ultimate convenience in the ‘box’. With the scanner attached to the finger by means of a ring, both hands are always free to pick up products. But there’s a lot more to it than that ...

At floral wholesaler B&G de Mooij in Honselersdijk, they know that already. ‘Box sorters’ use the finger scanner a lot of the time when they are putting orders together. Carts with flowers are wheeled in and put in place. By scanning the location, you know immediately where the relevant products can be found.
Likewise, much of the stock management is done with the aid of the finger scanner. When scanning a product, the PM80 indicates the exact quantity that should be there. If that is at odds with reality, this number can be directly corrected - no pen and paper necessary!

Order picking 
And then there is order picking too. By no means unimportant in the increasingly frenzied online trade in which B&G de Mooij is now active, in addition to traditional on-the-road sales and warehousing. For example, the company can now supply products sorted on a bunch-by-bunch basis and per florist. This allows the client to focus fully on sales and logistics.

Using the finger scanner and the PM80, ‘box sorters’ can select the relevant customer and the corresponding orders. They can pinpoint exactly where products are located. If they place them on the cart and scan them again, everything is processed automatically in the (stock) administration. The system also indicates when there is an error in the order picking, so preventing products being sent to a client which they have not ordered. For these corrections too, pen and paper is a thing of the past. 

More options and information
Of course, there are other options too. Defects or anything else that’s worthy of noting about a product can be reported. So, benefits galore for whoever is using the finger scanner in combination with the PM80.

Interested to know more? Just call us or send an email for more information! We will be happy to give you a demonstration and tell you about its great convenience.

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