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11 juni 2020

‘Location codes and printing of distribution labels’ help deliver time savings

Floral wholesaler Osterkamp, based in Kalkar-Wissel, Germany, has been working with AlfaPro for many years. By optimising use of the location code functionality, in combination with distribution labels, the company has been able to bring about significant time savings. Stock items are now assigned a specific location code. These codes are printed in the correct sequence on the distribution labels. The order picker can therefore see straight away the storage location to which an item is assigned. This means that products can be picked more efficiently on his route through the cold store, with up to 30% less time needed. Do the sums for yourself!

It’s really very simple: on the basis of an EKT or E-trade message, AlfaPro is able to directly link purchases from regular suppliers to corresponding storage locations. The same is true of product groups which have their own fixed location in the cold store. All other products are allocated to the designated location per PDA by scan. The location codes are then specified on the distribution labels.

This functionality will soon be available in AlfaPro Next, the most recent successor to the tried and trusted AlfaPro.

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