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18 september 2019

First customer puts AlfaPro Next into service

Wholesaler/Cash & Carry Joh. De Carpentier in Beverwijk (NL) has been the first to put AlfaPro Next into service. This was after a successful trial period of 6 months. As part of these trials, we tested the basic functions of this hyper-modern online automation system which operates in line with the latest technological innovations and using the very latest software. ‘More flexible, faster and, thanks to the touchscreen controls, highly logical and easy to use,’ was the first reaction.

The fact that AlfaPro Next (successor of the tried and tested AlfaPro) will go one step further became clearer during the trial period and during the walk-in sessions. Users were pleasantly surprised by the special features of the new system. The functionalities it now incorporates appeared to work highly effectively.

More functionalities
All in all, it means taking a following important step towards further expansion of AlfaPro Next. The basics - from ‘purchasing’ and ‘sales via mobile registration’ to ‘invoicing’ - are all in place. As such, the roll-out in businesses offering similar services as those of De Carpentier can now commence. And of course, not least where elements of the ‘basics’ mentioned above are concerned. Over the coming period, AlfaPro Next will expand with more and more functionalities, after which it will be made available to other business operations on a step-by-step basis.

For more information and a demo feel free to call us on +31 (0)71 402 11 91.

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