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28 april 2020

De Carpentier: ‘AlfaPro Next gives us times savings, greater transparency and peace of mind’

Judging from the experiences of De Carpentier in Beverwijk (NL), AlfaPro Next, the successor to the tried and trusted AlfaPro, is now ready to be rolled out for general use by wholesalers and cash & carry outlets. The company was selected to trial the new system. AlfaPro Next has since been expanded with a whole raft of new functionalities: click here to find out the current state of play.

New or updated software always takes a bit of time to get accustomed to. Nevertheless, Bert Kloos of De Carpentier can look back with some satisfaction to getting started with AlfaPro Next. ‘It all went very smoothly,’ he explains. ‘Of course, colleagues were a bit sceptical at first. They are used to what they know and any changes can be unsettling. So good advice and support were required, not least, so that our questions were quickly answered. Followed of course, by constant confirmation that the new system really is better and easier to use.’

All the right conditions seemed to in place. ‘After just a few days, everyone felt at ease with it,’ Bert says. ‘Colleagues, old and new, had soon familiarised themselves with the ins-and-outs of AlfaPro Next and it turned out the system really was quite easy to use. And what’s more, it gives us time savings, for example, scanning with the aid of the PDA, which works like a dream. But it also allows us to control our stock more effectively because information, such as date of purchase, supplier, purchase value, etc. is always visible for every product.’

As far as the cash & carry market is concerned, the immediate eye-catcher is AlfaPro Next’s cash-register function. ‘Highly functional,’ Bert enthuses. ‘The system gives an updated summary of outstanding cost items for each customer. Payments (cash or direct debit) are registered immediately, which means the system is always up-to-date. Another great addition, is that a summary can be printed at the end of the day, so you can see exactly who has paid and which payment method they have used.’ 

Peace of mind
De Carpentier doesn’t just buy in its own stock, but does so too on a commission basis. One of the new and handy touchscreen laptops is used at auction. Bert: ‘AlfaPro Next has simplified the whole logistic process markedly. The one screen allows you to see and do everything. Not only does it provide you with a complete overview, it also gives you peace of mind. It gives us total control of the whole purchasing process. And you can immediately distribute, as well as link orders to purchased batches. Purchases can be processed later, at a time of your own choosing: at home, in the office, in fact, anywhere and any time. If you have an internet connection, all this information is at your fingertips.’
Within the foreseeable future, De Carpentier also plans to start using the updated webshop. The new setting is more customer-friendly, provided with all the latest contrivances, and is fully responsive (so suitable for mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and other uses). ‘The virtual marketplace - where products from other suppliers can also be offered - is extremely convenient and a great addition to the services we are already providing to our customers,’ Bert concludes. ‘As soon as our internal organisation is ready, as far as I’m concerned, we’re all set to go!’

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