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21 oktober 2018

De Bosrand opts for AlfaPro

‘More control of purchasing, distribution and sales’. De Bosrand is a family concern which operates three nurseries, two wholesale outlets and four garden centres. It is a successful organisation and is a long-standing customer of ALFA PRO IT. Despite this, until recently its use of AlfaPro software had been a little irregular. All of a sudden however, things have changed.

To manage its logistics purchasing and registration process, De Bosrand wanted a new, stable software suite. After thinking long and hard about this, they eventually plumped for AlfaPro. They started with its implementation earlier this year. The system has now been up and running for several months to the complete satisfaction of the company.

Ordering and distributing
Each of its sites now has a number of tablets which are connected to De Bosrand Trading, the company’s central purchasing and logistics organisation. Staff at each location are able to see order lists for plants currently on offer and can enter the products they need. In this way, purchasers receive grouped orders which enables them to organise their work more efficiently.

Biggest advantage
Jim van Haaster, co-proprietor of De Bosrand, says the biggest advantage it gives the organisation is enhanced control over the whole internal supply chain. It provides absolute transparency in the flow of goods, from purchasing and distribution, all the way to sales to consumers and businesses. Most of all, the latter is possible because EKT and DESADV messages automatically arrive after ordering. On the basis of this, the right amounts can be sent to each of the locations. For the logistics process, De Bosrand Trading makes use of a mobile workstation. This allows labels to be printed. This enables staff to see exactly how the order is to be divided amongst the different locations.

Garden centres: the right price on the receipt
The main benefit of this new way of working is that De Bosrand now has transparency with respect to its purchase and sales prices and everything can be scanned at each of its sites without further ado. Trading provides every plant with a label/sticker specifying the name of the item, the retail price and the ViridiCode (a standardised code for perishable goods). Once this has been scanned, the check-out system in the garden centre will ensure that the right price is itemised on the customer’s receipt. ‘Because we are now able to stick labels on our plants, that saves us a lot of time in our garden centres,’ Jim explains. ‘When the plants come in, they can be put on display in the store immediately. What’s more, we can now collate useful statistics on the plants we sell. It’s a big step forwards, but one that is necessary to fulfil our ambitions!’

Wholesaler: bar code
For its wholesaling operations, De Bosrand Trading adds a sticker to all its sales items, specifying the name of the item, the wholesale price and product characteristics. This data is all held on a bar code. When sales staff scan this bar code and the customer card using ‘WorkAboutPRO’, the products purchased are entered automatically against the appropriate customer. This saves the business a great deal of time and effort.

New location
In mid-2020, the family concern will be opening a new site at Oegstgeest. This will be the fifth retail garden centre. A new distribution centre, approx. 6,000 m2 is size, is also being built which will form part of a new location for De Bosrand Trading (now trading from Wassenaar). The company anticipates an expansion in the use of AlfaPro, as a result of which check-out systems at each location will contain even more useful product information.

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