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11 december 2017

Can't your webshop customers see the wood for the trees?

Because of the upsurge in VMP links, product supply in webshops has become overwhelming. That’s good for customers, but can be mind-bogglingly confusing! Especially if they are offering the same products at different prices ...

Is that the case with your webshop too? If so, the new AlfaPro ‘Black/White listing’ function provides the solution. This means your stocks can be matched to individual customers. It’s possible for example, to place products on a so-called ‘blacklist’. These products are then no longer visible to a particular customer in the webshop. Conversely, you can put those products you want the customer to see on a ‘whitelist’. A blacklist or whitelist can be compiled for an individual customer or for a group of customers. This way you make the customer’s shopping experience so much simpler. 

Please note: ‘Black/White listing’ also works well if you want to make your complete VMP range customer-specific.

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