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29 mei 2017

Borders no obstacle for AlfaPro

Distance provides no object when it comes to automation and this fact was recently borne out by Dirk van Egmond GmbH in Kiel, Germany. At the end of 2016, ALFA PRO IT was given the task of automating the company’s Cash & Carry business and 4 sales lines in full. We installed the all-encompassing AlfaPro. It represented a huge change for the organisation, which had worked previously with separate software products. It was now possible to oversee and support the transition both on the spot and remotely.

It wasn’t long before office staff at Dirk van Egmond had got used to the new software and big savings in time were made. This was partly due to the well-organised tie-in with DATEV, an accounting programme used widely in Germany. But for the flower lines too, for which AlfaPro Mobile had been installed, the system performed effortlessly. The printers and tablets that were part of the deal, allow drivers to arrange everything from A to B online, from stock administration to invoicing. Van Egmond had this to say: ‘Even in the north of Germany, where internet via 3G or 4G can be dodgy, the system works effectively. At this point, it’s no use crying over spilt milk, but if I’m honest, we should have taken this step far earlier ... ’

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