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21 december 2016

AlfaPro and the retention of tax records

AlfaPro's new on-the-road sales system (tablet version) allows you to send your invoices direct to customers by email. What could be better for the environment than a paperless invoicing process? However, the question arises as to whether a paper version of the invoice must be retained for tax purposes or not.

We asked the Dutch tax authorities and their message was clear: NO, it's not required. Nevertheless, if the tax authorities ask, you will still have to be able to print a digital version of the invoice. Needless to say, our system allows you to do this: all invoices are saved as PDF files on your computer or server.
The tax authorities also tell us that you have to retain the invoice's ‘source data’. That means all sales specifications. In fact, you will have to keep all details of your sales transactions for a minimum of 7 years. If they so request, you will have to submit this information to the tax authorities. But once again, AlfaPro has made things easy for you: at the touch of a few buttons, you can meet this requirement too.
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