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17 juli 2018

E-commerce in the fruit & vegetable trade? Made possible by AlfaPro

Whilst it has long been meat and drink to the flower industry, ALFA PRO IT believes that e-commerce will soon be taking the fruit & vegetable trade by storm too. In fact, e-commerce is nothing more than online sales. All you really need to set up a fully digital marketplace is a webshop and a handy app to go with it. Whether your customer is a wholesaler or retailer, the point is that he or she can consult your range of products from the comfort of their own office (or even living room). Orders can be placed at the click of a mouse. In the meantime, AlfaPro ensures that the data is processed in a fully automated manner, with stocks being updated in realtime. AlfaPro kickstarts the whole logistics setup process with products being prepared for delivery…

In fact, with its advanced functionalities, AlfaPro can bring much needed efficiencies to the fruit & vegetable trade too. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by several forward-thinking traders in the business. By joining forces with ALFA PRO IT, their organisations are now ready to face the demands of a digitised future. And within next to no time, e-commerce has now become the norm in their day-to-day operations. Customers have been discovering the many advantages of online buying too, not least its convenience and time-savings. Likewise, wholesalers are benefitting in their sales operations by taking advantage of the smart links that exist between each other’s stocks. It is expected that more and more businesses in the fruit & veg trade will be taking up this trend.

Like to know more?
ALFA PRO IT would like to share its wide experience of e-commerce with the rest of the fruit & veg sector. If you would like a more detailed presentation of the many possibilities of a webshop, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to make an appointment with you.

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